Dr. Giaquinto, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist that specializes in 
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). He has been providing CBT to 
individuals who experience: ocd, anxiety, depression, panic disorder, 
agoraphobia, ptsd, eating disorders, weight loss, insomnia, substance 
abuse/addictions and specific phobias for over 15 years
. The success that 
Dr. Giaquinto has had in treatment has led him to be sought out by prominent 
sport figures, musicians, actors, corporate executives, and private individuals. 

UCLA utilizes Dr. Giaquinto's expertise in treating many of their patients who have 
various disorders, as well as those who suffer from insomnia

Dr. Giaquinto formerly was a CEO and head psychologist of several multi-specialty 
clinics in Los Angeles, California. He has designed and directed Partial 
Hospitalization programs in California and Florida. He has served as a consultant 
to various hospitals, clinics, community organizations, and private institutions. 

Dr. Giaquinto has provided psychological assessments to children - geriatrics for 
over 17 years. He has dedicated 20 years conducting research and providing 
treatment to individuals with Schizophrenia and Mood disorders. He has served 
on a national panel to conduct research for CNS medications. He has formed 3 
psychological corporations and 2 non-profit organizations that offer various forms 
of treatment to the community. 

Presently, Dr. Giaquinto maintains a private practice in Woodland Hills, 
 utilizing the CBT approach as his form of treatment. 

A sub-specialized focus of treatment is in behavioral/health medicine and how 
medical conditions (i.e., high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain, teeth grinding, 
etc) can be additionally improved and managed with CBT. 

As the creator and administrator of a California based Telehealth network, Dr. Giaquinto also provides treatment to patients throughout the entire state of California via Video Conferencing Technology. Dr. Giaquinto has established over 12 offices, ranging from Fresno to San Diego, connected to the Telehealth network. 

Dr. Giaquinto obtained his first Master Degree from Assumption Graduate School in Massachusetts, his second Master Degree and Doctorate from California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, California. He is a member of the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists and the American Psychological Association.

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Dr. Edward Giaquinto, Ph.D. - A licensed, clinical psychologist who has been assisting people in improving their life by increasing their emotional and mental health.