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Depression can be described as feeling sad, down, blue or unhappy. Most people feel this way one time or another in life for short periods. Sometimes these feelings are more intense and the symptoms last longer and can interfere with everyday life.

Depression, as well as several other mood disorders, are affected by one's thinking style. Individuals with depression generally have a negative way of thinking.

With depression, individuals usually have a negative view of:

Self: They see themselves as defective, less than, inadequate or undesirable.

The World and Others: The world and people in it may be seen as hostile and unkind.

Future: The future is seen as hopeless and unchanging. "My suffering and unhappiness will last forever. My situation will never change."

Symptoms of depression can include:

change in appetite 
change in sleep
difficulty with attention & concentration
withdrawal & isolation
suicidal thoughts
lack of interest in sex
lack of interest in others
low self-esteem
low motivation
                                                                                   lack of pleasure in activities that were once enjoyable

If the depression is not treated, the negative thinking style of depression can become rigid and self-perpetuating causing the depression to become deep rooted making it harder for the individual to see a "way out". The individual may then feel that things are hopeless and believe that treatment will not be helpful and avoid seeking help.

Depression can cause problems with family, relationships, work, and even one's health. It is important to seek treatment to restructure the negative thoughts and alleviate the depression so that one can return to a productive life and experience joy again.

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