Services: Testing Services

Dr. Giaquinto, Ph.D. is proficient in administering the latest testing instruments to most populations to assess various issues. He provides testing to various institutions, schools, clinics, hospitals, attorneys, courts, judges, county and state agencies, doctors, federal agencies (VA), and private individuals.

A list of evaluations and assessments include:

  • complete psychological evaluations
  • mental status
  • diagnostic evaluations
  • intelligence testing
  • achievement testing
  • learning disability
  • aptitude testing
  • IEP testing
  • personality testing
  • memory testing
  • emotional and behavioral testing
  • neuropsychological screening
  • dementia
  • bariatric pre-surgery assessment
  • worker's compensation
  • disability evaluations
  • compensation & pension evaluations
  • personal injury/physical injury
  • drug & alcohol
  • sleep disorder
  • sexual dysfunction
  • malingering
  • pain

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Dr. Edward Giaquinto, Ph.D. - A licensed, clinical psychologist who has been assisting people in improving their life by increasing their emotional and mental health.